About Decipha

"I represent with my words and my lifestyle..." Following the release of the 2010 album REP: The 2012-2013 release of the four part EP Analytics: and the 2014 CTZN Collective EP's (Christus Resurrexit & Parapipto), TJ Morrissette aka Decipha now looks forward to 2015 and beyond. 

Born into a family of musicians and being a middle child, Decipha was captured by the Lord at a very young age to promote the truths of God in a very bold manner. While still perfecting his craft as an artist, Decipha looks to flood the ears of everyone who hears, with the reality of who Christ is and the true God who is eternal life.

While preparing for the latest CTZN Collective Album, touring overseas, working full time for Children's Hunger Fund, Decipha looks forward to releasing more chapters from Analytics, a new EP in the Spring, and a sophomore album to be announced soon. 

Be on the look out for more from Decipha, until then enjoy life in the narrows, #CTZN.